İnternational Hazel Nut Chestnut Festival

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Zagatala tour

Zagatala International Hazelnut Walnut Festival

If you missed the festival for the third time already, tell "Fathers 3" and join you in the wonderful festival tour organized by Oba Tourism.

A wide range of hazelnut, walnut, chestnut products will be presented at the festival, various competitions and contests will be organized, as well as artisans' handicrafts and national cuisine.
At the end of the festival, a concert program will be held at Heydar Park

The tour includes:
Super Luxury and Comfortable Transportation
Professional tour guide (live guitar playing and live karaoke opportunity)
Professional photo session, video shooting, as well as video delivery materials after returning from the tour
Very different games throughout the tour and some creative, entertaining, intellectual and psychological games
Breakfast (butter, honey or jam, sour cream, butter, eggs, tea, etc.) - all of these will be made from local products
Road soft drinks (● unlike other tours)
Quizzes, dances, entertainment etc.
There is a tea table near the end (various games and entertainment as desired)
A walk to the village of Kabizdere
Walking at the Festival venue (Dede Gorgud Square)
Zagatala Castle
Hide Park (Central Park)

Tour price: 31 AZN

Meeting place: September 28, 2019, 00:00 - Youth m / s.
Tour Period: 1 Day (September 28, 2019)

NOTE: The last ticket is one day before the tour.
Drinking alcohol during the tour is strictly prohibited
One group member is free of charge for every 10 participants in the group
Children under the age of 5 years are free of charge
(Unless they have extra space)
Tour participants earn discount points)
Mobile: 077 598 24 17; 050 715 62 72
Address: Fuad Ibrahimbayov str. 19/21 (International Academy of Sciences)
2nd floor, room 308)
For more information
Facebook: Oba tourism
international hazel nut chestnut festival

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